TTA Time Projection Guidance

What is The TTA Time Projection Guidance?

At the TTA Time Projection Guidance group, you will be guided every day on WHEN to Buy and WHEN to Sell using the Doubling Theory Time Projections technique authored by the Head Trader of FinServCorp.

What To Expect?

Upon joining, you will be signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Non-Compete Agreement to ensure the quality of members within the group. Additionally, the head trader will provide an introductory video on the certain conditions that must be met in order to use these signals. Your job upon receiving the Time Projections would be to adhere to your trading model and take the Buy or Sell if YOUR trading model signals align with the Time Projection signals

The aim of the TTA Time Projection Guidance group is to help you align yourself with TIME in order to truly appreciate that without the ‘right’ time or a ‘right’ interval of time, the delivery of price in and of itself is useless. This should open your eyes to the fact that without the right TIME, the PRICE is wrong and so you won’t have to FORCE yourself to do anything until it is the correct TIME based on the guidance given to you via the projected times

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TTA Time Projection Guidance Pricing

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$ 100
  • Daily Time Projection Signals
  • Introductory Videos on Using The Signals


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Program suitable for anyone and everyone interested in learning pure price action and making money!

There are no prior qualifications required, anyone who has a digital device with access to the internet can join!

This is a lifetime bootcamp program which will upskill your trading skills infinitely forever!

Zero refunds once payment is made due to the nature of our product being digital. Also, we are very confident in the value of our programs.

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